Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Miscellaneous thoughts (Part 14)

~ There are two sides to every story, and only you can know the real truth if you were the one who experienced it. If other people don't believe you, that's their problem. If other people misunderstand the situation, that's also their problem. Take comfort in the fact that YOU know the truth, even if other people don't. I'd like to believe that the truth always comes out either way.

~ I believe in karma. And I believe it is unbiased.

~ I don't think you truly realize the value of a real, solid relationship until you're in one. They have a way of making you look back on all the crap you put up with before and wonder why you spent a single minute of your life putting up with it. I currently have someone who thinks I'm the sun. I'll never settle for less than that again, and neither should you. You're fantastic and rare, and you deserve someone who doesn't treat you like you're anything less.

~ Four months ago, I found myself anxiously wondering if I would ever heal from an experience that broke me down to an unimaginable degree. And guess what? I did heal. I healed so much that that part of my life feels like somebody else's. Like I watched and vaguely remember somebody else experiencing it rather than experiencing it myself. You will get to that point in your own journey as well. So be patient, be gentle, and have faith. Have SO much faith.

~ Listen to what other people have to say, but always take it with a grain of salt. The best wisdom you will ever receive can only come from within.

~ Deciding whether or not to cut someone out of your life is a deeply personal decision. Consider the consequences before you do it.

~ The desire to genuinely work on and improve yourself should be applauded in a world full of the desire for familiarity and blissful ignorance.

~ It's okay to pause before you leap and cry before you cheer.

~ Things in your life may change, but your attitudes and beliefs don't have to change with them.

~ Breathe. Take your time. Trust yourself.

<3 Madison