Monday, March 11, 2013

Remembering the good

I think everyone has days where they question the good things in their life when the good things aren't going as great as usual.

Maybe you had an upsetting spat with your amazing and supportive significant other.

Maybe the pressure accompanied with your dream job is wearing you down.

Maybe your new baby is driving you insane, and you haven’t adequately slept in weeks.

Maybe your best friend forgot your birthday.

Maybe the renovation to-do list for the adorable little house you just bought seems exhausting and never-ending.

Your brain has a tricky way of making you question things.

“Does my significant other truly love and support me?”

“Do I really want this job? Maybe I should quit...”  

“I was crazy to think I was ready for this new baby. I don’t know how to be a good parent. I’m a failure.”

“Looks like my best friend isn't such a good friend after all. I clearly need better people in my life.”

“I've been working on this new house more than I've been enjoying it. Maybe I should just go back to my previous living arrangements, and leave this to-do list with someone who has more time, energy and enthusiasm." 

So should you really conclude that your significant other doesn't love you, quit your dream job, assume you’re a horrible parent, send your best friend to the corner of shame, or leave your new house behind and go back to your previous living arrangements? Nope. It means you soldier on and remember that you have a good thing in your life even when it sucks sometimes.   

We can’t always expect the good things to be totally good. Realizing this has been sort of life-changing for me. My brain likes to jump to conclusions and try to convince me to run screaming when something doesn't go my way. I used to listen to my brain a lot, and I still do sometimes. But if I were to listen to everything my brain told me, I’d be unhappy and miserable for giving up so many good things just because they weren't good 100% of the time. Every day is a challenge to listen to my heart and my gut instead. Every day is a challenge to peacefully settle into the knowing that everything is unfolding exactly as it should.   

I have a lot of good things in my life right now. I have been so full of happiness, passion, love, creativity and inspiration. I’m excited about where my journey is leading. But along with all that happiness, passion, love, creativity, inspiration and excitement, there have been moments of discouragement, doubt, melancholy, fear and uncertainty.

But am I going to question and/or forget about all the good stuff during those moments? Not this time. And you shouldn't either.

<3 Madison      

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