Wednesday, March 9, 2016

10 word stories that are all connected

So I recently discovered a creative writing/poetry phenomenon known as 10 word stories.

Armed with inspiration, leftover remnants of a heart I've been struggling to heal, and the fact that my emotions can sometimes be summed up in only a few short words these days anyway, I decided to write some of my own. And although it slightly deviates from the type of content I usually tend to publish here, I'd like to share what I came up with. If you pay close attention, you'll notice that each of these stories is merely a chapter of a much larger one.

1. You bid on my heart with no intention of paying.

2. I wore a grin made of hope and reckless abandon.

3. You pushed me away, but I didn't want to leave.

4. Red flags decorated my mind, but flowers decorated my heart.

5. I fell for you the way leaves fall in autumn.

6. When nothing in my life made sense, you somehow did.

7. You placed me on a pedestal. I called it home.

8. We had a remarkable love that was doomed all along.

9. Your eyes tell a million stories. Your hands create magic.

10. You broke me slowly, and I begged you to stop.

11. You gave up on something you may never find again.

12. "You might break my patterns," you said. But I can't.

13. You found a female version of yourself. That's pretty boring.

14. Is her love for you the same color as mine?

15. I unsuccessfully tried to shove somebody else in your place.

16. I thought I had nothing to lose, but I did.  

17. I've cried enough tears to fill wells and grow trees.

18. I always believed I was strong. Then I met you.

19. Time drags like the love you weren't ready to cherish.

20. Perhaps I miss being yours more than I miss you.

<3 Madison

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