Monday, July 30, 2012

Giving change a chance

The Dollar General store, that I know like the back of my hand and have been going to on a bi-weekly basis for years, recently closed down and moved elsewhere. This all happened pretty quickly, and all that's left of it now is a barren white room---like something out of the Twilight Zone.

Strange how something I had become so accustomed to had been swept away so quickly and with little warning.

Yesterday, I finally and somewhat reluctantly went to the new Dollar General to pick up a few things. It was my first time going in there, and while I was sort of looking forward to seeing what it looked like inside, I couldn't help but miss the old store---the one that felt familiar to me.

But the new store actually turned out to be pretty cool. I was especially fond of the automatic doors, considering there were NOT automatic doors at the old store. No more awkwardly attempting to shuffle my shopping cart through the door while random strangers stare at me and wonder if they should help or not.

Don't get me wrong. I still miss the old store and the proximity of it to my house. Like I said, I had been shopping at that store for years and effortlessly knew my way around. I still haven't adjusted to the new store. It's rather large, and I'm probably bound to get lost at some point. Or get frustrated because I have no idea which aisle the maple syrup is on. But I will eventually get used to this change, and the new Dollar General will become just as familiar as the old one in due time.

So I guess the moral of this incredibly boring story is to give change a chance instead of making up your mind that it's going to suck before the change has even taken place.

This isn't a happy clappy post about how wonderful change is and how you should embrace it. It would be extremely hypocritical for me to sit here and tell you all of that because I hate change and struggle to come to terms with it on a daily basis.

But that mundane little trip to the new Dollar General yesterday taught me about giving change a chance. (I find inspiration in the strangest places.) It taught me to NOT make up my mind about how something is going to be before I've even given it a try.

So that's all I wanted to share today. I hope you all have a wonderful week. :-)

<3 Madison    



  1. Madison, My favorite grocery store expanded last summer. I've been shopping there for more than 5 years. I still can't find anything. I treat it like adventure every time I go. My favorite bagger laughs every time I ask him where he moved the ____.

    1. Lol. I know how you feel. I'm so bad at navigating stores---even the ones I've been to dozens of times.