Monday, October 29, 2012

When you hit a wall

I've been thinking a lot about growing up and navigating life lately. 

Life really is like a maze. One minute you can be navigating your way through it like a boss, and then the next minute you find yourself backed into a corner and desperately trying to figure out how to get back on track. 

I hit walls a lot, as I suspect many of us do. I've been trying to work on the way I react when this happens.

I've realized that you have four choices when you hit a wall in life. You can either...

A) Panic
B) Should all over yourself until you feel as worthy as a pile of pencil shavings
C) Curl up into a fetal position and do nothing
D) Step back, dust yourself off, and think of a positive/productive way to tear down or remove yourself from the wall 

I have a history of doing A, B and C, but I think I'm going to actually give D a try this time. 

We hit walls for a reason. I think it's a lesson in slowing down, taking a step back and being forced to take a closer look at certain aspects of our lives.  

Maybe something needs to change. Maybe something needs more attention or more work. Maybe you just need to slow down and give yourself a break instead of constantly pushing yourself to be on top of everything. Maybe it's all of the above. 

So I am determined to NOT choose A, B or C this time. 

I am going to re-connect with the things that matter most to me. I am going to start being more patient with myself. I am going to start letting people help me instead of assuming that it's me against the world. I am going to start making monthly goal sheets.  

And I am going to be just fine.

<3 Madison   


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