Thursday, January 3, 2013

Help wanted: In dire need of motivation

Sometimes I get so overwhelmingly discouraged that I want to just lie face down on my keyboard for the rest of my life.

Sometimes I get so overwhelmingly discouraged that I want to eat junk food and watch TV until I can't feel anything anymore.

Sometimes I get so overwhelmingly discouraged that I fear I'll start getting all depressed and bored with life again.

Sometimes I get so overwhelmingly discouraged that the slightest little thing will bring me to tears---my mom calling to check up on me, freezing rain on my window, a slow Internet connection, running out of pumpkin spice cookies...

Sometimes I get so overwhelmingly discouraged that all I can do is stare at an inanimate object for 20 minutes.

I have really high highs and really low lows. On good days, I'm overjoyed, passionate and excited. On bad days, I'm convinced that life can't go on.

I try not to mentally harass myself when I get like this because it only makes me feel worse. I try not to tell myself that I'm lazy, stupid, unstable or pathetic. (Actually, I think I am a bit unstable, but I'd like to think I'm not lazy, stupid or pathetic.)

Sometimes things just suck. Sometimes I go against every piece of advice I give you guys, which makes me add "hypocritical" to my list of self-insults.

Sometimes I just feel really confused, stuck, melancholy and frustrated. Sometimes I feel like I'm back at square one of not knowing which path to take in life.

So today, I want to tell myself some things that I know to be true despite my crappy feelings.

1) You will not feel this way forever. In fact, your mood could very well be turned around by tomorrow.
2) It's okay to feel this way. You're human.
3) Life is a constant journey. You have a lot of growing up left to do. Don't panic.
4) Be patient with yourself, but don't sit on your bum all day and expect everything you want to just magically fall into your lap. Put your thinking cap on and get to work. THEN be patient with yourself.
5) Give yourself permission to eat junk food and watch TV all day every now and then. It might be exactly what you need.
6) If you're not feeling inspired, don't force it. Just step away for awhile, and come back later with a clearer head.
7) Don't give up. I promise you're not delusional.
8) Read this.
9) Look through this gallery of photos.
10) You are not your chosen career. If things aren't going so well, it doesn't mean you suck as a person.
11) Don't forget about that goal sheet you currently have taped to your mirror.
12) If opportunity doesn't knock on your door, try knocking on its door.
13) You're not entitled to anything. You have to earn what you hope to receive.
14) Give yourself a break.  

If you would like to add to this list, please feel free. I'm in dire need of a little motivation this rainy, cold Thursday.

<3 Madison




  1. Hi Madison. Maybe you need to allow yourself to feel all those emotions.You are only human after all. Don't push yourself to write.If the inspirations doesn't come then don't blog. This is from a girl who has experienced all those things you wrote and who blogs only interminttently :-)

    1. :-)

      I was actually feeling discouraged about other things aside from blogging, but I agree that I shouldn't push myself. Thank you! <3

  2. I would recommend a little mindfulness practice to create a little calm !!! If that fails I'll send you some big cyber yogi hugs !

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    1. Thank you Roz! That's so nice.

      I'm already feeling a lot better than I felt when I wrote this, which just goes to show that it always passes. Sending love and motivation your way! :-)

      <3 Madison

    2. Thank you Madison, most of all for this one: 10) You are not your chosen career. If things aren't going so well, it doesn't mean you suck as a person. It went straight to my heart just now! :D Appreciate your honesty!