Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Feeling like a victim

I have a habit of feeling like a victim of my life circumstances, whether big or small. I always hear about how you should take responsibility for everything that happens to you, and while that can be insightful advice at times, I must say that sometimes it makes me pretty grumpy.

I prefer a slightly different approach to feelings of failure or victimization.

Get angry.
Be hurt.
Eat Zebra cakes.
Think about giving up.
Decide to keep going.

Rinse and repeat with each sucky situation in life.

It is true that while we can't control what happens to us, we can control how we respond to it. But that doesn't mean that we should plaster on a "happy trooper" face when we actually feel like spitting in a belligerent person's juice or posting a lengthy, annoyed rant on Facebook (and I advise against actually doing either of those things, but it's okay to feel like it sometimes).

Life isn't fair. People will rip you off, employers will change their minds, friends will leave, mother nature will shit storm on your plans, strangers will judge you, people with seemingly less talent will succeed more than you...The list goes on.

It's okay to feel like a victim sometimes. It's okay to get upset when life takes a hard and unexpected left. It's okay to feel like throwing in the towel twelve times a day.

I guess I'm just tired of feeling bad about feeling bad.

<3 Madison    


  1. Madison I know exactly how you feel regarding life in general. You feel as if you are hitting your head off a brick wall. When you start moaning people get severely p----d off and start moaning and also start wondering what all the fuzz is about? Life does suck BIG TIME i totally agree

    1. I don't think life in general sucks, but I do think it's okay and valid to be upset when things aren't going well.

  2. I wonder if its maybe the condition S A D that u have Madison because I know that when the weather eg is as crap as it is at present especially here in Scotland we're usually feeling down in the dumps so to speak!

  3. What are Zebra cakes Madison?

    1. They're Little Debbie snack cakes with Zebra patterned frosting.