Saturday, June 25, 2011

Life doesn't come with a rulebook

Well, the title says it all doesn't it? I was always raised to believe that everyone lives as follows: Go to school, get a job and driver's license while in high school, go off to college, work an ordinary job, get married, have kids, retire, die. The end.

Who says I have to live my life in exactly THIS order? Not me. I feel like society has all these rules set up on how people should live and plants these rules in people's minds at a young age. I'm finally starting to develop a mind of my own and I've realized that LIFE DOES NOT COME WITH A RULEBOOK. The purpose of living is to write your own rules. Live at your own pace. Take risks. Break away from the norm. If people think you're out of your mind, let them. Who cares? You shouldn't.

You have one life to live. Live it YOUR way.

I have a girl in mind who is the perfect example. She took a leave of absence from college when she was 19 and went to live in Italy for awhile. Why? Because she wanted to. She left her bubble. When she returned from Italy, she went back to school for awhile, but something didn't feel right. She had a gut feeling that she didn't belong there. She wanted something else. So she left college, took that gut feeling, and flew 3,000 miles away to Los Angeles to pursue a music career. She took with her one suitcase, one guitar, one thousand dollars, and one big dream. Her family thought she was nuts. She didn't care. She stayed despite her homesickness and exhausting work hours. She came close to moving back home several times, but she didn't. She stayed. Three years later she put out her debut album and it peaked at number 4 on the Billboard Top 200.

Take risks. Ignore criticism. Take YOUR life by the horns and run with it without looking back. Your life, your decisions.

You're welcome.


  1. I followed society's rules. Got my college diploma, a cushy job, an apartment, a car... yet I wasn't happy. I was MISERABLE actually. I'm leaving my job in a little over a month and applying to a pastry course! I am terrified but hopefully I can swing things :)

    1. Yay!! Good luck with everything. :-)