Sunday, June 26, 2011

Christina Perri

In addition to sharing my pain, joy, and life realizations with you all, I also want to share my interests. I'm a huge music lover and my newest favorite artist is Christina Perri. I discovered her one morning while I was watching music videos on Vh1. Her video for "Jar of Hearts" came on and I was captivated. I love music videos that portray dark, intense emotion. I remember thinking, "Who is this chick? She's incredible. I love this song and I love this video! I will probably buy her album someday." And I did! I've been listening to her debut album "Lovestrong" every single day. It calms me down and forces me to feel. She speaks to my soul. Her voice is unique and pure and her music is honest and real.

Not only do I feel inspired by her music, I also feel inspired by her life story. She's so strong. She never gave up and always looked at the positive side of things. It inspired ME to be the same way.

Just thought I'd show her some love...

Check out her website if you've never heard of her: 

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