Friday, December 6, 2013

New blog series

I've done a couple of different blog series throughout the course of running this blog. There were the Tiny Buddha book discussions in January of 2012, and then I did a "Favorite Quote Friday" series in February of this year.

And I recently came up with a new one. I will publish one post every weekday starting next week, and each day will cover a different universal topic that has been on my mind lately.

I was up at 2:30 AM the other night with what felt like a million things on my mind. But I somehow managed to dwindle those things down to the following:

~ Love and friendship
~ Success
~ Change
~ Self-love
~ Humanity

I was mulling over all of these things and had to refrain from rushing to my computer in the middle of the night to type out a long, rambling chunk of sleep deprived nonsense.

I've just been thinking about the fragility and impermanence of love and friendship, wondering what success really means, feeling afraid of and resistant to change, trying to understand why self-love is such a damn hard thing to achieve, and pondering over vulnerability and humanity in general.

So I want to share my thoughts, feelings and questions with all of you. I hope you will join the discussion, whether you choose to leave comments or shoot me an email. I want this to be an interactive and therapeutic series for all of us.

See you Monday.

<3 Madison

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