Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Some encouraging words for you

Hi friends.

I finished reading and taking notes on a book called My So-Called Freelance Life a couple of months back, and there were some really encouraging words in the back of it to give aspiring freelancers a kick of motivation to get their careers started. (FYI, I highly recommend this book to anyone considering self-employment. It's funny, easy to understand, and very informative.)

I was putting the words that encouraged me the most into a Microsoft Word document yesterday when I realized that they were pretty relevant to everyone, not just self-employed people. So I decided to re-word a few things to make the advice more applicable to everyone and then share these encouraging words with all of you. If you want, you can put them on a blank document, print it out, and put it somewhere where you can see it every day (if you're into that kind of thing). That's what I'll be doing! :-)

Ignore the naysayers.

Don't try to be perfect---you're human.

Be true to yourself and the things that feel right to you as an individual.

Treat people well. 

Know what you're worth. 

Keep setting new goals.

Branch out into the unknown.


Get inspired.

Make friends.



Celebrate your successes. 

Learn from your defeats without dwelling on them. 

Have fun. 

<3 Madison

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