Monday, June 4, 2012

Things to remember

It has been one of those weeks where I need to sit down and remind myself of a few things. Because once again, that crazy, mean voice inside my head has been telling me all of these things that make me wake up at three in the morning with tears and anxiety.

The last time I had one of those "I need to sit down and remember why I'm still here" moments, the most popular piece of my soul that exists on the internet came out of me. (

So the other night, I decided to read through some of my old blog posts---the ones I wrote when I was feeling more inspired, worthy, and happy. And reading through all of those posts re-enforced those feelings a little bit.

So today, I want to give you some important reminders to carry around with you this week. (And next week and the week after that and the week after that...)

~ You are more than you give yourself credit for.

~ You deserve the same amount of love that you give to your loved ones.

~ It is okay to hurt and struggle and be a human.

~ You are enough.

~ Most of the things that don't feel okay are actually perfectly okay. (This is probably my favorite post I've ever written.)

Contrary to popular belief, bad days can get better.

~ Life doesn't come with a rulebook. Live it YOUR way.

I don't expect you to read all of the above in one sitting. You can if you want, of course. But you don't have to.

Lastly, I just want you guys to know that your nice comments, tweets, and emails mean more to me than I can express. I'm so glad you can relate to what I have to say. I'm so glad I've made you feel better or more inspired. I'm so glad you think I'm awesome. You're pretty awesome too.

I save all of the nice feedback I get and read through it when I feel crappy. I sort of want to print it all out and put it on my bedroom wall or something. So thanks. :-)

I hope everyone has a wonderful week and a wonderful summer!

<3 Madison

p.s. Did you guys notice my radical social networking buttons located to your left?! I'm finally starting (trying) to get more involved in the social networking world. So please join me on Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook. I'll try to be as active as I can on each account without being annoying.

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