Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Defining success for yourself

When you think about society's definition of success, what typically comes to your mind?

Money? Fame? Notoriety?

One thing that really bothers me a lot is the widely held belief that the above things are what make a person successful. So many people put an immense amount of pressure on themselves to succeed on a large scale in order to feel worthy. They tie their self-worth to their level of success. It's a shame.

I have a completely different perspective on success. To me, progress equals success. Happiness equals success. Gratitude equals success. Personal fulfillment equals success.

If I'm happy, grateful, making progress, and feeling proud of myself regardless of whether or not anyone else is proud of me, I think that's a successful feeling.

I don't make a whole lot of money, but the fact that I'm even getting checks in the mail in exchange for doing something I love makes me feel successful.

I don't get thousands of page views per day, but the fact that I even get page views at all makes me feel successful.

I don't get hundreds of adoring emails per day, but the fact that some people even take the time to send me nice, heartfelt emails on a pretty regular basis makes me feel successful.

Helping people makes me feel successful.

Laughing on a daily basis makes me feel successful.

Waking up each morning and embracing my life just as it is makes me feel successful.

Doing something every day, no matter how big or small, that helps push me closer to my goals makes me feel successful.

Choosing happiness and fighting for that happiness makes me feel successful.

What makes YOU feel successful? Are you defining your own success?

<3 Madison


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