Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Bad stuff will happen. But so will good stuff.

"Bad stuff will happen. Let it be. The sun will come out again." ~ Shannon Kaiser

Yesterday was just one of those days. Very up and down. The thing about me is that when I'm up, I'm way up and when I'm down, I'm way down. No matter what I'm feeling, I feel it very deeply. 

I've cried.
I've feared.
I've hurt people I love.
I've hurt myself.
I've blamed other people for my problems.
I've complained.
I've been haunted by my past. 
I've felt stuck.
I've felt undeserving of love.
I've had horrible days.

I have weaknesses below the surface just like everyone else. Those weaknesses can consume me if I give them a large enough opening to do so.

I often use the weather as a metaphor for life. There won't always be sunny, blue skies. There will be tornadoes, thunderstorms, and hurricanes sometimes too. Let the stinging rain hit your face and let the violent winds whip around you. It might do some damage, but the sun will always come back out.

I promise.

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