Tuesday, January 31, 2012


"The world tells us in a million ways, whether through the bodies on covers of women's magazines or in ranking us with grades in school, that we aren't enough, that we don't measure up, that we have to change and reform and tweak ourselves to be acceptable. 

Nothing could be further from the truth. We aren't merely enough, but so much more than enough. Human beings come into this world overflowing with brilliance, shining with the sacredness that all human beings are. 

As the world reflects back to us messages that we are flawed, we believe what the world tells us and we begin a new way of looking at ourselves---full of stories about where we don't measure up, how we are this type of person or that---and the light of us gets dimmed. 

If there is any transformation to make, it is the one of coming back to awareness of our own goodness, wholeness, enoughness, trust-worthy-ness, and sacredness.

Those of us interested in inner work might talk about the glory of human beings and our souls, but underneath that, we are saying: "I need to change. I need to fix 'x' about myself." There's actually a lot of striving in the self-help world. The over-arching paradigm is "I'm at point 'a' and I want to get to point 'b'. " 

In some sense, this makes sense because we all end up carrying a lot of junk. Unhelpful fears, limiting beliefs, coping behaviors that don't serve us, etc. We have an instinct to seek a freer, lighter, more joyful existence. 

But it matters if you know, at the foundation, that you are shining and sacred and incredible and whole and nothing can take that away from you. You are already that. 

Besides all our meager chatter about changing ourselves, a quieter voice endures and it speaks with authority. It's the silent, powerful mountain next to all the skirmishes happening on the land. And the mountain is whispering to us about our fundamental shining sacredness."

~ Tara Sophia Mohr 

This is from an e-course I've been taking called "Seeing with New Eyes" and I thought it was worth sharing.
This passage is all about recognizing and embracing the fact that you are enough just the way you are---the way you always have been.

This isn't always an easy thing to remember when we are constantly chasing new goals, berating ourselves when we fall short and feeling inferior and worthless when other people point out our flaws and shortcomings.

But before we can make positive change in our lives, we must first accept and love ourselves just as we are. That is always the first step. I realize that I sound very cheesy and "guru-ish" right now, but remembering all of this has pulled me out of many ruts and stopped me from being so hateful towards myself.

So make a conscious effort to celebrate the "enoughness" in yourself and recognize the "enoughness" in others.

<3 Madison

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