Friday, February 22, 2013

Favorite Quote Friday (Time)

“It is only possible to live happily ever after on a day to day basis.” ~ Margaret Bonnano

I don’t generally like to look at the long haul or obsess over what my life will be like five, ten, twenty years from now. Because today is all that exists. I take my life one day and one heartbeat at a time. Thinking too far ahead or trying to picture where I’ll be in the future feels strange and wrong to me. And things never really turn out exactly the way we expect them to anyway.  

So I don’t see the point in thinking too much about the future when we have today sitting before us on a silver platter. You know what I mean? Why go for the doughnut sitting all the way across the room when you can just eat the one you have in your hand? 

Time flies because we waste our doughnuts. We’re always trying to get our hands on another one or figure out how to obtain more more more instead of just enjoying the one we have.

Okay, enough about doughnuts. What I’m saying is that time seems wasted because no one seems to make the most of it. Time is going to fly no matter what you do, but you can choose to look at each day as a fresh beginning and recognize the blessings and opportunities you have sitting right in front of you. And then when you look back on all that time that has flown by, you’ll look back on it with a bittersweet smile on your heart instead of with remorse or regret. 

Don’t overlook the simple things that bring you joy and excitement on a day to day basis.

Like waking up next to the love of your life.
Or smelling freshly brewed coffee.
Or being surrounded by nature (or pretty tall buildings if you’re a city dweller).
Or getting a compliment from someone you admire.
Or hearing wonderful news.
Or laughing from the core of your being.
Or hearing someone you love laugh from the core of their being.  
Or being healthy.
Or being intelligent.
Or being capable.  
Or crossing something off your goal sheet.
Or adding something new to your goal sheet.
Or having an epiphany that immediately puts your arse in gear.
Or trying something new and fun for the first time.
Or reading a good book whilst enjoying a bowl of your favorite ice cream.
Or being greeted by unconditionally loving pets as soon as you walk through the door. 
Or slipping between warm, comfortable sheets after a long day.

Time is fragile. We seem to have so much of it, yet we have so little. This can be an upsetting and overwhelming thought if we sit in one place and think about it too much or dwell on all the time we feel we've wasted. But obsessing over the past is just as bad as obsessing over the future.

Instead, look around you. What can you appreciate today? What can you do right now?

I hope you live happily ever after today. 

<3 Madison

I hope you guys enjoyed this little blog series! Thanks for reading. :-)