Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A trip down memory lane

As promised, I am going to share a list of things I loved when I was younger. I'm a 90s child, so if you are too, you will probably find yourself saying things like, "I remember that movie!" or "I loved that show!" Here is my list. Enjoy. :)

The Wizard of Oz ~ I literally used to watch this movie every single day. I never got tired of it. I used to collect anything associated with The Wizard of Oz. I have toys and figurines of all the characters and I dressed up as Dorothy one Halloween, ruby slippers and all. I even tried to make myself go to Oz one day by repeatedly banging my head on the kitchen counter. (Not joking)
Lizzie McGuire ~ My favorite show as a tween. I saw every episode, knew every detail about every character,  and owned several Lizzie McGuire toys and books. And don't we all have an alter ego in our head saying everything we wish we had the courage to say, just like Lizzie did? Of course.
Blues Clues ~ I LOVED Blues Clues. My little brother and I were both obsessed with that show as kids. We like Steve better than Joe. We were sad when Steve left to go to college. :-( I will always love Blues Clues. Always.
Zoey 101 ~ Another one of my favorite shows as a preteen. PCA is pretty much the coolest school ever.
The Amanda Show ~ How could anyone forget The Amanda Show? Cutest, funniest show ever. Amanda please!
All That ~ I wanted to BE on this show. I watched it religiously and I'm so sad that it doesn't come on anymore. I miss all the 90s Nick shows.
Hannah Montana ~ I watched this show in my early teen years. I never missed an episode up until the last season I think. I had sort of lost interest in it by then. But I definitely used to watch this show all the time. I remember watching an entire marathon once. Who does that??
Barney ~ I wanted to play and dance around with Barney.
The Chipmunks ~ Nothing could tear me away from the TV while I was watching The Chipmunks. Needless to say, I was pretty stoked when the movie came out. I was even more stoked when I found out that one of my favorite actors would be voicing Simon. That made me want to see it even more.
The Nancy Drew Mystery Series ~ I read these fat novels one right after the other. I would typically finish one every three to four days or less. They were hard to put down.
Lemony Snicket's Series of Unfortunate Events ~ I was never a big book series person, but I LOVED this series.
The Rainbow Fish ~ One of my all time favorite children's books. Such a cute story about sharing and friendship. I want a shiny scale too!!
When the Sun Rose ~ Another one of my favorite children's books. I love the illustrations. So beautiful.
Crash Team Racing ~ The only video game I ever loved. I wanted to play this game every single day. 
Barbie ~ I collected the dolls. I also made them talk about life, love, and fashion with each other. Yep.
Beanie Babies ~ I STILL love Beanie Babies. Who doesn't?
Amazing Allie ~ This doll was my best friend back when I didn't have any. We had tea parties together and knew everything about each other. Poor thing. She was loyal to me and I just stuffed her in a wooden chest one day.
American Girl Magazine ~ My favorite magazine as a kid. I always got so excited when a new issue came in the mail. I would sit down and read every page right then and there. I was even published in the magazine once! My first writing success. (With mom's help) ;) I also loved the American Girl books.
The Berenstain Bears ~ I loved the show AND the books.
The NeverEnding Story ~ This was one of my favorite movies as a kid. I thought Atreyu was hot. And the storyline was just epic.
Veggie Tales ~ Um, talking fruits and vegetables? Yes please.
Casper ~ The original Casper movie with Bill Pullman and Christina Ricci. It was epic. I watched it all the time, secretly wishing I had a little ghost friend of my own.
Rugrats ~ I was a huge Rugrats fan. I loved all the little adventures they would go on. It was by far my favorite cartoon.
N'Sync ~ I was in love with them. We had tickets and backstage passes to one of their shows when I was in 4th grade, but it got cancelled due to bad weather. I cried all day long and people at school thought I was terminally ill or that someone died.
Britney Spears ~ I saw her in concert three times when I was little. My mom even recorded all of Britney's TV appearances and kept them on a tape for me. I watched the tape every day.
EVERY 80s/90s ANIMATED DISNEY MOVIE ~ If I listed all the Disney movies I was obsessed with as a child, I would be here all day. But some of my absolute favorites were A Bug's Life, The Fox and the Hound, The Lion King, The Little Mermaid, Pocahontas, Toy Story, The Pagemaster, and The Brave Little Toaster.

*Sigh.* This makes me miss my childhood even more.
What did YOU love when you were younger? :-)

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